With goods and passengers in constant motion across the world's oceans, the maritime transportation industry is one of the largest greenhouse gas emitters. But what if it were possible to produce a fuel for ships that had no impact on the atmosphere's CO2内容?这正是Kvasir Technologies, a small Danish company, set out to do.


Kvasir Technologies开发了一种专门的技术来生产原油生物油,该技术利用了全球农业和林业业务产生的大量废物。这种生物油最终可能会替代化石油作为燃料进行重型运输操作。

"We're converting inedible biomass, such as straw, into biofuel for ships. We pressure-cook the biomass in alcohol at 400 degrees," says Joachim Bachmann Nielsen, executive director and co-founder of Kvasir Technologies.

"We've successfully demonstrated that it is possible to produce crude bio-oil in experimental autoclaves and a pilot set-up using stainless steel and nickel alloys. In scaling up the technology, we want to find more affordable materials for a full-scale facility to ensure that our process remains among the most cost-effective.



在能源集群支持的知识桥项目中,标题为“提取原油生物油的材料”,Kvasir Technologies与TRD表面APS合作,并强迫技术研究影响钢和镍合金的分解机制。该项目的参与者还研究了测量腐蚀,优化材料的方法,从而找到了最适合在全面设施中使用的材料。



TRD表面首席执行官Mads Brink Laursen说:“我们期望我们的表面在项目中暴露于该项目的气氛中会有效。当我们在测试后查看经过处理的表面时,很明显它们具有较高的耐腐蚀性。”APS。

Incorporating material selection into the design phase at Kvasir

To test a variety of solutions, FORCE Technology developed a corrosion test in which small pieces of treated and untreated metal, also called "corrosion coupons," were placed in an experimental autoclave and exposed to the harsh environment inside. The results demonstrated that it is possible to significantly reduce the cost of the materials needed for the processing facility by treating the metal surfaces with solutions from TRD Surfaces.

"The results of the corrosion measurements clearly showed a major difference between the samples. That made us more aware of how important it is to address this issue starting in the development phase, so we can consider material choices and surface treatments in the design phase," Nielsen explains.

Opening doors and attracting investors


"For us, the project validated the effectiveness of our surfaces in a new market segment. We can use that knowledge and the project's results to open doors to new development projects," says Laursen. "This is a new area for us, and we've gained valuable knowledge regarding stress corrosion and our surface treatments. On top of that, it's always exciting to be at the forefront of technological developments and to build relationships with new potential partners," he adds. Laursen is the CEO of TRD Surfaces ApS.

The project showed that corrosion coupon exposure testing is especially valuable when corrosion data for a particular process, such as Kvasir's, is unavailable. As a result, Kvasir intends to incorporate corrosion coupons into its next facility, both to further optimise material selections and to continuously monitor the state of corrosion in the facility.

使用低合金,表面处理的材料以及最大程度地减少对设施的腐蚀和损害的风险,可以节省大量资金,这对我们来说更容易吸引投资者。 Joachim Bachmann Nielsen,首席执行官兼联合创始人/ Kvasir Technologies

With this project in the books, the company is now even closer to producing a maritime biofuel that can compete with fossil oil.

Corrosion coupons undergoing exposure in an experimental autoclave while rotating in a newly designed holder.
corrosion coupons after repeted exposure
Corrosion coupons after repeated exposure.